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I help people fall in love with their landscapes – from tiny spaces to multi-acre properties.  My focus is on eco-friendly landscapes using lots of natives that support our local environment while creating joy for my clients.


My mission is to help homeowners get clarity about their landscape goals and how to best achieve them.   I create practical plans that enable my clients to DIY their own property over time.  I also help those wanting a jump start on the plan get going the right way. 

Here's how I got here.  I turned to gardening like so many of us do, to connect with nature, to distract myself.  What I discovered was completely unexpected. I started seeing the world differently. Joy and wonder visited me more often. I noticed how the landscape around me became more alive in a rich abundance. I felt connected to the world. I threw myself into this new adventure!


Frustrating mistakes cost me time and money along the way. Sometimes I became discouraged. As I figured out how to effectively design and care for my own projects, I realized this system could help others save precious time and money. So I started a design / build landscape practice focused on native plants, edibles and ecological enrichment.


I find so many folks want to enjoy their landscapes more, but do not know how to start. Or perhaps they have started, but have given up or just don’t feel it is flowing the way they wanted.  I can help.


I start with a consultation. This may lead to a design that you take and implement, or you may choose to work with me on creating all or part of it. Regardless of the path, I provide you confidence with a design plan that saves time, money and avoids mistakes.


If this sounds like it might help you, please call or message me now.

Practical Design - Native Plants - Texas Style

Certified in Native Landscape Maintenance by the Native Plant Society of Texas

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