Designing for Results

I have found that having a plan makes both the design process as well as the actual landscaping flow more easily and generate better results.

1. Let's have an initial conversation.  Use the form below or simply call or text me at 713-489-7800 to set up a time.  Usually 15 minutes is a good start.

2. Following our initial conversation, the next step is on onsite consultation where we focus on high level goals recommendations.  A full design engagement often follows naturally from this initial consultation.

3. The design process usually takes about 4 weeks, but requires only an hour, or perhaps two, of your time.  What you receive is a detailed design plan that you or a contractor can follow including detailed site map showing precisely where everything should be, comprehensive planting lists along with how-to guides as well as where to find plants and how best to maintain them.

  • From a single bed to a complete design solution.

    15 min

Practical Design - Native Plants - Texas Style

Certified in Native Landscape Maintenance by the Native Plant Society of Texas

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